Review Policy

I read New Adult, Adult Contemporary, Romantic Suspense and some Erotica. I occasionally read other genres within the romance field if the story is appealing and captures my interest, so don't be afraid to submit your request. 
All requests are welcome from both traditionally published and independently published authors. I am an avid supporter of both.
All books reviewed are either purchased by myself or they are received in exchange for an honest review. I am not a paid reviewer and all opinions given are honest and fair.
Rating system:
When I started the blog, I chose not to have a rating system. This is because I believe everyone has a right to their own opinion on what they construe as a 5 star rated book vs. a 3 star rated book. All of my reviews are my honest opinion on how I felt when reading the book and can range from short and sweet to long and gushing.
That being said, every author works hard on their book and takes the risk of putting it out there to be read and criticized by the world. I have major respect for that and I will never bash or put down an author's hard work so I choose not to feature/review any book that myself or my guest reviewers would rate below a 3 on Amazon or Goodreads.
If you are interested in having your book reviewed or you have any questions, please email Stephanie at I try to respond to all requests within 7 business days, but please be patient if you don't hear from me within that time. If you have a specific time frame, please include it in your email. Thank you.

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