Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Author Spotlight - Cora Cade

Today the spotlight is shining on debut author Cora Cade. Cora's novel, MORNING LIGHT was released in July. It's book one in her A DAY OF PLEASURE series.

Stephanie: Hi Cora! Congratulations on your debut novel! How does it feel being a published author?

Cora: Thank you! Being a published author is a touch surreal. I still blush when someone brings it up and I have yet to manage to casually work it into conversation. But on the inside I'm actively dancing a jig ALL the time.

Stephanie: When you found out that Samhain was interested in purchasing MORNING LIGHT, how did you react?

Cora: Exactly the opposite of how I expected! I thought there'd be celebratory drinks and a dinner out with the hubs. Instead I bawled, and not the pretty kind of crying but the serious melt down kind of cry. And then I bought some Pez to celebrate. The lemon kind. So, to soothe my emotional breakdown I ate candy and went home from my day job like normal.
I think that might be the saddest celebratory story ever told. But it was the very best day.

Stephanie: What inspired you to write MORNING LIGHT?

Cora: Noah and Tenn were just bouncing around in my head demanding a story! I fall in love with my characters and then build a story around them. It sounds so simple when you say it that way!
I actually had their opening scene fully formed in my head before I even dreamed of getting it down on paper. That scene was driving me crazy, it just played like a movie in my head for days. Finally I broke down, even though I was actively working on another project.
And then I couldn't walk away from them. And Morning Light was born. Not quickly and not easily, but Noah and Tenn finally had their story and my overactive imagination finally got some rest. No. Just kidding. I was already working on the rest of the characters for the series before I was even four chapters in with the first book!

Stephanie: What can we expect next in the A DAY OF PLEASURE series?

Cora: So much! TWO IN THE AFTERNOON is in the revision stage right now. In the first book we met Molly Ryan and that girl just stood up and demanded to be next. And since I'm easily swayed I totally let her call the shots. Molly keeps her past under wraps, but when Callum Eversman comes to town with his tough Army Ranger bravado... well, suffice it to say sparks fly between the two.
And I've got book three, as yet unnamed, started and we'll catch Noah's brother Chris totally by surprise with Lainey Eversman. She's Cal's twin sister and she'll be knocking Chris out with her sassy attitude.

Stephanie: Where is your favorite place to write? 

Cora: My husband bought me a laptop when I first started writing and that leaves me so many options. We have a hammock near the pond in the backyard that is a lovely spot, a great little patio that has some nice shade, and even a comfy chair in the living room with a foot stool.
As boring as it may seem I actually do most of my writing at this tiny little Ikea desk I bought a few years back. I picked up an antique library chair that is really cute, but ridiculously uncomfortable, to finish off the desk around the same time. And I still sit here about 80% of the time. Something about the routine gets me in mood to write. I also like that I've got little mementos from friends that remind me they are always in my corner rooting for my latest chapter. So, the routine is as follows: uncomfortable chair, tiny desk, iPod and earbuds, four dogs under foot, and a fresh cup of coffee. All that equals a productive word count. Usually.

Thank you, Cora! Very excited about books 2 & 3 and love your writing nook.

I talked to a couple readers about Cora and this is what they said:

"I loved the book..it was full of emotion and steamy goodness! It was The Tits!!!  Cora Cade is one of the most sincere and genuine people I know. I love her to bits!!" - Hollie R.

"Nobody loves a friend turned lover story more than me and this one was fantastic! Sexy, playful, emotional, it hits all the requirements and then some. Definitely an up and coming author that you'll want to watch for! Cora Cade will for sure be a go to author for me!" - Mandi B.

To find out more on Cora and her books, check out her website at http://www.coracade.com.

Pick up your own copy of MORNING LIGHT here: http://amzn.to/155VLGo

Cora has graciously offered an e-copy of Morning Light to one lucky person. To enter, comment below with your email address and tell me what you like to do when you're celebrating exciting news or accomplishments?


  1. I like to have a celebration drink and dinner with my family - usually at home. When others are celebrating their exciting news, I'm all for getting silly and whooping it up!! Congratulations Cora!

    sherifredricks @charter .net

  2. I'm eating lemon Pez in your honor. Off to buy NOW!


  3. I like to grab Chinese take out and veg in front of a sappy romantic comedy! Cora is one of my close friends and I can't wait to read what's next! You go girl!


  4. First I like to tell everyone while I'm still giddy and then usually spending the day doing whatever it is I want to do.