Sunday, February 16, 2014

Review - Winged by Sofia Vargas

Corvallis Press
Emma Larnex feels that there is nothing special about her or the small-town life she is leading. She’s not captain of a sports team, she’s not top of her class, and she’s not popular. As a matter of fact, most classmates go out of their way to completely ignore her. All of that changes, however, when she meets the new student in school. Viper Amest is one of the most beautiful people Emma has ever seen. She is shocked when he seems to be unusually drawn to her. As they spend time together, she gets the feeling that he knows her better than even she does.

Emma’s once normal life is shattered when she discovers that she can form Dragonfly wings on her back, learns of another world threatened by war, and is told about a civilization of people that have astonishing abilities. Oh … and everyone seems to think that those Dragonfly wings means it’s her destiny to save them all from pending devastation.

Emma’s journey begins when she has to decide if she’s ready to let go of everything she knows and trade in her dull life for unimaginable adventure.

I don't normally read paranormal/fantasy books but this one sounded interesting, so I gave it a shot. I'm glad I did, because I really enjoyed Emma's story. Having been teased, ignored and mocked at school, Emma soon finds out that her life isn't what it seems. Taken away from her birth world for her protection, she soon learns that they need her back in order to prepare for the war that is threatening. Sofia Vargas weaves a world of magic, destiny and a little bit of love. Emma is a strong character who fights for what she believes is right, despite what others tell her and along the way finds out the place where she is meant to fit in.

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