Friday, April 4, 2014

Review & Giveaway - What A Bride Wants by Kelly Hunter

What a bride wants…

Ella Grace Emerson adores her father, but he keeps trying to marry her off to every eligible rancher in Montana. When he puts an ad in the paper on her behalf – for a docile house-husband –

Ella retaliates with one of her own, pinned to the noticeboard of the local saloon. No husband required, housebroken or otherwise. What she wants is the perfect lover.

What a bride needs…

Newcomer Cam Sawyer is perfectly willing to tear up the sheets with Ella and be her partner in chaos. She wants a bad boy and he’s had experience aplenty. But what she really needs is a strong and loving partner, and until Sawyer stops running from his past he can never be that.

Sawyer’s the one Ella wants. But can he be the man she needs?

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Love, love, loved Sawyer and Ella's story! Sawyer is intrigued by Ella when she responds to an ad placed by her father seeking a husband for her by advertising for a perfect lover instead. Working temporarily as a bartender at Grey's saloon, Sawyer has secrets of his own that are keeping him from risking his heart. However, before long, he's not able to keep away from Ella. Feisty, headstrong and not afraid to do and take what she wants. And Ella want's Sawyer. What A Bride Wants is another great book from Kelly Hunter and Montana Born Books. It drew me in from the beginning and I had trouble putting it down. I loved Ella and Sawyer's connection from the first time they met and how they dealt with the issues that may have kept them apart. It's a fun, sweet read and a great kick off to the Great Wedding Giveaway series!  
Accidentally educated in the sciences, Kelly Hunter didn’t think to start writing romances until she was surrounded by the jungles of Malaysia for a year and didn’t have anything to read. Eventually she decided that writing romance suited her far better than throwing sterile screw-worm flies out of airplane windows, and changed careers.

Kelly now lives in Australia, surrounded by lush farmland and family, 2 dogs, 3 miniature cows, a miniature pig, a 3-legged cat and a small flock of curious chickens. There are still flies, but their maggots don’t feed on flesh. Bargain.

Kelly is a USA Today bestselling author, a three-time Romance Writers of America RITA finalist and loves writing to the short contemporary romance form.



  1. I would be so embarrassed--wouldn't trust him to pick one for me. Fortunately, I've been married for 21 years.

  2. Ha! Wouldn't trust him and would be pretty mad about it and make them print a retraction.

  3. I would be embarrassed.Have a wonderful weekend.

  4. I would be so embarrassed!!! It's not something I could see him doing. Now, I my mother - that would be another thing. Glad I"ve been married for almost 32 years.

  5. I enjoyed reading this one so much. Great story.

  6. Hilarious! That sounds like a funny story, adding it now to my TBR :) Thanks again for another good one!