Sunday, January 18, 2015

Stephanie's Birthday Celebration Day Four - Guest Post from Caleigh Hernandez

Hello, hello! Welcome to the final day of my birthday celebration! If you've missed any of the days, be sure to go back and check them out. You can still enter all the contests until tomorrow (Monday) afternoon. Winners will be announced Monday night. Today I welcome Caleigh Hernandez to the blog to help  me celebrate! Welcome Caleigh! 


First, a big HAPPY FUCKING BIRTHDAY to my dear friend Wheezy aka Stephanie!


 I’m Caleigh Hernandez, author of the novella Love Takes Your Breath Away, the first book in the Truth About Love Series. Don’t mind me as a ramble a bit. It’ll be completely worth back guarantee.*wipes brow* Thank goodness these ladies didn’t pay money to be here. 

Love Takes Your Breath Away by Caleigh Hernandez 

Caleigh Hernandez

I’m a not-so-perfect mom of 2 beautiful daughters, a terrible housekeeper, and sometimes, a doting wife. A few years ago, I decided to take life by the horns and throw caution to the wind. Went back to school, earned a degree in Web & Multimedia Design where my long-time passion for writing was reignited with a creative writing class. It was during my final term when Love Takes Your Breath Away (not the title then) grabbed a hold of my brain and wouldn’t let go. 

When not buried in the ridiculousness of every day life, you can find me curled up with my Kindle devouring a book, watching crime dramas (I’m obsessed), screaming at the TV while watching my SJ Sharks, Oakland Raiders or Oakland A’s, getting cozy with a good superhero flick, or getting my adrenaline fix on a roller coaster. I hate cleaning and loathe laundry. I am a shoe whore that lives in flip flops and loves to be barefoot. In the immortal words of my husband, “Caleigh Hernandez is a bad ass bitch.” are 16 truths (because Steph's birthday was the 16th) most would not know about me:
  1. I met my husband when I was 19 at a birthday party for a mutual friend. What's up ‘Sebastian’? That’s right for those of you that have read #LTYBA, the man that introduced me to my hubby is none other than part of my inspiration for Sebastian. 17 years and 2 kids later, he's still one of my best friends and is, hands down, my biggest supporter.
  2. I wanted 5+ kids. Bahahaha...laughable , I know. I was done after my oldest daughter, Raeven, but drunk and in love lead to my sweetest, Kai-Monkey. What the hell was I thinking? That's right I wasn't…
  3. I have a fascination with numbers and ALL things numbers...the symbolism, math, sudoku, etc...I geek out over math symbols, including (and/or especially, Excel spreadsheets) #noshameinmynerdgame
  4. Banged up, bruised, and broken: I broke my head at 3 years old, broke my toe at 5, busted my lip 2.5 times, have had a handful of black eyes, countless scraped up knees, and I still get bruised up.
  5. I have a ridiculous threshold for pain. In a game of mercy, I'll pass out from the pain before I give up.
  6. I'm scrappy. Don't count me down until I've stopped getting up. Ask the hubby about a wrestling match where he had me in the Boston crab and how he ended up eating futon...LMAO.
  7. I refuse to raise my daughters as anything less than strong and independent females. There will be no damsels in distress where life is concerned. They will never wait for a man to do something for them...until she's married, then it's his job to do whatever he can for her. :D
  8. I love to sew. Like FLOVE. I was going to be a fashion designer. Find me a pattern or don't, I can make it. I made every formal dress I wore to the dances in high school.
  9. I loved school. I was a cheerleader/song girl, a flag girl (colorguard), swimmer, and wrestling stat girl ( see #10). Every year I helped with the homecoming float for our class (1995!!!). I was a peer tutor.
  10. I literally took the idea of eating for two to heart when I was preggo with both girls. I gained 55 pounds with Rae and 75 pounds with Kai. *gasp*
  11. I have a ton of tattoos (not random), but each and everyone of them has a strong significance and importance in my life. I don't mark my body for the hell of it. I have plans for A LOT more.
  12. Snow White is my favorite princess. Mulan and Belle are close seconds.
  13. Favorite movies - Disney: The Lion King, Pixar: Up and Toy Story 3, All time: Empire Records, and Action: The Prince of Persia
  14. A little more than 18 months ago, I read a book that changed my life. No naming names 'cause she'd probably kill me. She still hasn't come to terms with her #bookstardom. Never have I been more affected, inspired, and motivated than after I finished her book.
  15. I am a graphic artist that designs book covers, teasers, videos, and web pages.
  16. One of my most favorite experiences of 2014 was meeting my Wheezy and Who in Las Vegas at the Love N Vegas event. The three of us spent 3 plus days and nights together and there was never a dull moment even when we were laying in bed reading in the middle of the afternoon. Wheezy was my good luck charm. With her by my side, I turned my $100 into $350. I can't wait to do it again.
Thanks for hanging with me today. You can always find me on FB or some of my author social media sites. 


Ah! Thank you, Caleigh!! Today I am going to give away a Kindle copy of Caleigh's Love Takes Your Breath Away. Just comment below and tell me what nickname your friends have given you? LOL Winner will be announced Monday night.