Sunday, June 7, 2015

Spotlight Sunday - Caleigh Hernandez

Today the spotlight is on author Caleigh Hernandez! Caleigh is the author of the Truth About Love Series which includes Love Takes Your Breath Away and Love Turns With Twisted Fates. Both great reads! 

What happens after the happily ever after? Is that all there is? Marriage, career, kids, and you're set? 

Life, love and the pursuit of happiness doesn't stop at "'til death do us part." For Izzy & Diego it's just the beginning.

"Forever and ever, I do" is not as easy to accomplish as is saying it. In real life, there are ups and downs, ins and outs. Along with the good comes the bad. With health, there's sickness. Is love enough? Is it forever? Will it survive?

Our story starts with the proffered happily ever after moment: a bride in a dress, a groom in his tux, a best man, a maid of honor, vows of love and forever and Elvis. Like most fairy tales, Diego and I were still madly in love after saying, "I do." Hell, the man has turned loving me into an art form. Not a moment is wasted. With him there's a surprise at every turn, and just when I think he couldn't get any better, he takes my breath away.


With passion and promise, his love took my breath away. Our story continues to be as storybook as they come. Or so I thought. We are living our happily every after. Well, not exactly. Life in a new home, in a new city, in a new country is full of surprises. This can’t be my reality. When we committed to ‘til death do us part, I wasn’t expecting this. We are the Beauty and the Saint, but can we survive our twisted fates?

Stephanie: Do you have any interesting writing quirks?

Caleigh: If you asked me this after writing Love Takes Your Breath Away, I'd have come up with something simple like: I write on or with whatever it feels right at the moment. This is still true. Nothing really quirky. But with Love Turns With Twisted Fates done and in the midst of writing "Truth About Love" Book 3, I have found my quirky. 

Let me explain: With LTYBA, I had it fairly well outlined and there were very few surprises as I wrote the story. Every piece was written in order, aside from the prologue for it being pushed to the prologue of LTWTF. This was my small piece of quirky, I suppose. It just gets a little weirder with LTWTF. I had NO OUTLINE. I had a general idea of what I wanted to happen, but honestly, I was winging it. With the prologue written from LTYBA, I went with my gut. There were several times that certain scenes were begging to be written and it was long before I was at that part. I resisted and resisted, but then I caved to the scene. With Book 3, I have discovered the quirky. As I answer this question, I have 2 yellow legal pads flipped to the last page I've written on both: one is my outline summary, the other is my ramblings and ideas as they come. I also have a notebook with dialogues and chapter pieces I want to include. Then, as you visualize this paper mess in front of me, picture 25+ large index cards with chapter ideas written on each, some with more detail than others. 

Stephanie: What is the hardest part of writing?

Caleigh: The hardest part of writing? OMG...where do I start? LOL. I suppose the hardest part of writing, for me, is making sure my story lines up from chapter to chapter to book to book. If you haven't read LTYBA and LTWTF, my story goes back and forth in time. I'm paranoid that things might not line up or something I've already written doesn't work well with what I have planned in the current and/or future books. 

Stephanie: If Love Takes Your Breath Away and Love Turns With Twisted Fates were to be made into a movie, who would play Izzy and Diego?

Caleigh: Seriously? UGH! I don't think I can pick. LOL. Damn it! This isn't as easy as the previous questions and all I need to do is provide you with a couple of names. 

Izzy - Eliza Dushku (She's perfect.)
Diego - William Levy (I had no clue he was Cuban. With dark hair, he'd be perfect}

Stephanie: If you had a theme song, what would it be?

Caleigh: Fuckin' Perfect by P!nk

Stephanie: If you had a superpower, what would it be?

Caleigh: Slow down and/or stop time. There just isn't enough of it. 

I love my teams. Go A's!!!Caleigh Hernandez is a not-so-perfect mom of 2 beautiful daughters, a terrible housekeeper, and sometimes, a doting wife in Silicon Valley, California. A few years ago, she decided to take life by the horns and throw caution to the wind. She went back to school, earning a degree in Web & Multimedia Design where her long-time passion for writing was reignited with a creative writing class. It was during her final term when she conceived a story she just had to tell.

When not buried in the ridiculousness of every day life, you can find Caleigh curled up with her Kindle devouring a book, watching crime dramas (she’s obsessed), screaming at the TV while watching her SJ Sharks, Oakland Raiders or Oakland A’s, getting cozy with a good superhero flick, or getting her adrenaline fix on a roller coaster. She hates cleaning and loathes laundry. She’s a shoe whore that lives in flip flops and loves to be barefoot.
In the immortal words of her husband, “Caleigh Hernandez is a bad ass bitch.”

For a chance to win a Kindle copy of Love Takes Your Breath Away, comment below and tell me what kind of quirky habits you have? 

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