Saturday, February 27, 2016

Review - Come Away With Me by Karma Brown

I've got a review of Come Away With Me by Karma Brown for you today. This book blew me away in a way that I wasn't expecting! 

An unexpected journey leads one woman to find hope and healing in the most unlikely places… 
Tegan Lawson has everything she could hope for: an adoring husband, Gabe, and a baby on the way. But suddenly, her life is irreversibly changed when a patch of black ice causes a devastating accident.
Just when Tegan is on the verge of hitting rock bottom, Gabe reminds her of their Jar of Spontaneity, a collection of their dream destinations and experiences. And so begins an extraordinary adventure of a lifetime. From the colorful, bustling markets of Thailand to the rich flavors of Italy to the azure ocean waves in Hawaii, Tegan and Gabe embark on a journey in search of forgiveness and renewal. And as they explore the cultures and beautiful landscapes of these faraway places, they learn that acceptance often comes when we least expect it. Heartbreaking, hopeful and utterly transporting, Come Away with Me is an unforgettable debut and a luminous celebration of the strength of the human spirit.

This book has been sitting on my TBR pile for a while and I was finally in the right mood to read it. I was expecting an emotional read, but I wasn’t expecting quite the one that I got. It tells the story of Tegan and Gabe and their journey to recover after a horrific accident that changes their lives completely. Told in the present with flashbacks to the past, Come Away With Me is a story of heartbreak and recovery and with a twist that will leave you reeling. I’m having trouble just writing this review thinking about it. It’s a book that will stay with you long after you finish reading, cause you to feel all kinds of emotion, but will leave you feeling hopeful. I highly recommend reading this debut novel from Karma Brown and I’m definitely looking forward to reading more from her. 

KARMA BROWN is an award-winning journalist and freelance writer, who probably spends too much time on her laptop in coffee shops. When not writing, she can be found running with her husband, coloring (outside the lines) with her daughter, or baking yet another batch of banana muffins. Karma lives just outside Toronto with her family.

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