Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Review of Keeping Her by Cora Carmack


Garrick Taylor and Bliss Edwards managed to find their happily-ever-after despite a rather . . . ahem . . . complicated start. By comparison, meeting the parents should be an absolute breeze, right?

But from the moment the pair lands in London, new snags just keep cropping up: a disapproving mother-in-law-to-be, more than one (mostly) minor mishap, and the realization that perhaps they aren't quite as ready for their future as they thought.
As it turns out, the only thing harder than finding love is keeping it.

Another clang.
A muttered curse word.
Then I rounded the corner into a war zone.
Her wide eyes met mine. Her face, her hair, our tiny nook of a kitchen was covered in flour. Some kind of batter was smudged across her cheek and the countertops.
"I'm making pancakes." She said it the way one might say, "I didn't do it" when held at gunpoint by police."

This is by far one of my favorite scenes in KEEPING HER. It just made me laugh because I can totally picture it. Keeping Her is the continuing story of Bliss and Garrick who we first met in LOSING IT. It's centered around a trip to London to visit Garrick's parents, who Bliss is meeting for the first time. With a soon-to-be-mother-in-law who doesn't seem to care for Bliss, a father who doesn't approve of Garrick's chosen occupation and a few unexpected surprises thrown in, Bliss and Garrick have some decisions to make about what they want their future to look like. Throw in fun Harry Potter references during a tour of London through Bliss and Garrick's eyes, a first meeting with the future in-laws that you wouldn't want to happen to you and some fun friends of Garrick's and you have one funny, sweet story. You can't help but love Bliss and Garrick. Bliss, even with her insecurities, doesn't let anything keep her down for long and Garrick, well, not only does he have a killer accent, he loves Bliss, flaws and all, and is willing to do anything to support her even if it means giving up something important to him. Cora did another fabulous job with this novella. I definately recommend it as well as the other books in the series.Check them out at the links below.


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