Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Review of Wicked Beat by Olivia Cunning (Sinners On Tour)

Hero: Eric Sticks-Drummer/composer for the Sinners
Heroine: Rebekah Blake-Temporary front of house soundboard operator for the Sinners

Synopsis: From the moment he lays eyes on Sinners' new front of house soundboard operator, drummer Eric Sticks knows he has to make Rebekah his. Unfortunately, she's too busy trying to seduce guitarist Trey Mills to pay him much attention. Rebekah never planned to fall for the tall, goofy drummer with the weird sense of humor and a heart the size of the galaxy, but Eric makes her laugh and his constant attention makes her feel sexy and irresistible–exactly what she needs after the things her last lover said to her. A woman who gives as much as she takes, Rebekah makes Eric feel like a total stud–exactly what he needs after surviving a decade of watching the incredibly talented members of Sinners from the wings.


I was introduced to Olivia Cunning and the Sinners on Tour series by a friend (Thanks Rachel!) when I was looking for book recommendations. I was hooked once I read Backstage Pass (Book 1). Since then I've been looking forward to Eric's story because he is such an appealing character with a big heart. The wait was definately worth it. Rebekeh takes over as front of house soundboard operator for the band while their regular one, her brother, recovers from an accident. Rebekah is hoping the chance will help her career-wise since no one will take her seriously as a sound engineer for a rock band. She also hopes to get to know bandmember Trey Mills, who she's had a crush on, on a more personal level. Eric was attracted to Rebekah the second he laid eyes on her while visiting her brother in the hospital. He soon discovers that she's got her eye on Trey, but he doesn't let that keep him from doing everything he can to have her notice him. Olivia did such a great job with Eric and Rebekah's story that I didn't want it to end. You can't go wrong with Wicked Beat. It's fun and sexy with a lot of craziness thrown in with an ex-boyfriend, a bitter road crew member and a crazy mother.

To get your own copy of Wicked Beat and the entire Sinners On Tour Series, follow the links below.

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For all things Sinners and more on Olivia be sure to visit OliviaCunning.com.

Have you read Olivia's books? Do you like rock star romances?



  1. I've read the first book and plan to read the others in this series too.

    1. They are definately worth reading, especially if you liked book one! :)

  2. I am so glad that you reviewed this because I was debating on whether to add it to my wishlist or not! Thanks for the great review, definitely going to read it now!

    1. Definately pick them up. It's a great series! :)