Friday, August 2, 2013

Author Spotlight - Cherry Adair

Today the AUTHOR SPOTLIGHT is shining down on New York Times Bestselling Author Cherry Adair. As an author, Cherry brings you books that are just the right mixture of romance and suspense and, whether you are reading one for the first time or the tenth, they will keep you hooked from the beginning. As a person, Cherry is a fascinating, smart and witty woman. I’ve had the pleasure of spending time with her on several occasions and you never know what kind of fun you might be in for. Today we’re going to talk to Cherry about her T-FLAC series.

Stephanie: T-FLAC is a favorite series among your readers. I know it’s one of my favorites. How did the idea for T-FLAC come about?
Cherry: Ahh. Marc and Tori. <g> I came up with the idea for T-FLAC on a verrrrry long flight home from a wonderful trip in Italy. I'd written 17 books- none of which sold, although I had a lot of bites, and had no intention of writing on the plane. But things conspired against me.
First, I ran out of books several days before the flight. Only a fellow book-a-holic knows the panicky, freaked out feeling of being bookless – for an hour, let alone a dozen! I ended up buying a thick book at the airport by an author I loved, for $80.00! Of course I'd already read it, but I tried to make it last once buckled into my seat.
In those days everyone still smoked on planes. I smoked, too, so I didn't give it much thought. . .But OMG I was on a plane full of Europeans – and they LOVED to smoke, and talk, and gather in large, boisterous groups right near my seat! I finished the book in an hour, and was faced with eleven, long, boring, noisy, smoky hours to go without a lethal weapon or even a parachute! lol
In desperation, I started writing longhand in my notebook. Since I was feeling quite homicidal at that time, and since my subjects were within arm’s reach, I decided to kill them all on paper (less possibility of going to jail that way) And since I didn't want to write about a serial killer, I had to come up with a way to kill a lot of people legally. Lol
So I started with who the Bad Guys would be (eyes left – all those freaking men standing in a large group, the entire freaking flight, chain smoking, drinking, talking and getting on my last nerve. Check.)
I loved Italy. LOVED IT! So of course my story had to take place there. At that time, publishers weren't buying books set outside the USA. (Can you see a pattern here?) But I didn't care. This book was being written as a means of preventing my incarceration into a mental institution. (Killing the smokers + nothing to read = Murder/Insanity)
And T-FLAC was born. J (and I gave up smoking cold turkey. Lol)I typed the book when I got home (my handwriting is almost completely illegible) and sent it in. The editor bought in within two weeks. WooHoo. That wrenched flight was so worth it. <G>
Stephanie: Do you have a favorite T-Flac character that you've written?

Cherry: My favorite character is always the guy in the book I'm currently writing. It has to be. I have to love him, or I won't be able to write him. But I must admit, Marc Savin from The Mercenary will always have a place in my heart because he was my first. And we always remember our first, right J

Stephanie: You just released an enhanced version of KISS AND TELL. What can readers expect with the enhanced version?
Cherry: As I write each book, I have a huge, three ring binder on my desk to keep all my notes and all my research in some semblance of order. I not only keep hundreds of pages of research in it, but also everything about each character, even the secondary characters, I pretty much know everything, especially for my hero and heroine, from birth to the day their story starts. Most of it never gets into the book. It's just too much information, too much detail, and would slow the story down.
Whenever fellow writers come to my house, they love going through the binders, and have told me for years that my readers would also LOVE to know this, or that. Until e books became so accessible, I had no way to share all this 'bonus' material with anyone unless they came to my house and sat in my office to pour over each binder. lol
The enhanced version has no changes in the actual book itself. There are bonus pages in the back, with all the 'extras.' How and why the book was written, titles I considered at the time, interviews, and stories about the character development. There are details about all things T-FLAC, and pictures I collected while writing the book (not all of them- the book would be longer than War & Peace!) Fun stuff I think my readers will find interesting when they reread Kiss and Tell.

Stephanie: What can we expect next in the series?
Cherry: Next is the enhanced version of OUT OF SIGHT (The book which got me into trouble with the dreaded C.A.M.E.L Union lol) The novella SNOWBALL'S CHANCE, and a brand new T-FLAC novella RICOCHET.
A big THANK YOU to Cherry for taking the time to join us today!
Check out the links below for more info on Cherry and be sure to leave a comment and tell me who your favorite T-Flac hero is. One lucky commenter is going to win a Kindle version of THE MERCENARY. (USA/Canada ONLY at this time. Winner will be chosen Saturday evening so be sure to leave your email address so I have a way to contact you.)

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  1. Hi Stephanie!!
    Great Interview!
    I love all of Cherry's Heroes! I couldn't pick just one!

  2. Hi! What a great interview! Pick just one hero? Well, I can try, but then I wouldn't want the others heros to get jealous.

  3. Hi! Good Job! My absolute favorite is Derek Wright from Out of Sight, but Jake Dolan from Kiss and Tell is a close second.

  4. All of Cherry's TFLAC guys are my favorites, how can I pick just one?? Awesome interview. Cherry is such an inspiration, both as a author and a woman.

  5. Hi, Stephanie! This was a great interview with Cherry. I can't believe you would ask anyone who their favorite T-Flac guy was. They are all favorites! You can't pick just one. They all have their special thing so you might need a different one in different situations. Plus they are all so HOT! May Cherry never run out of T-Flac men.

  6. Hi Stephanie!

    I love all Cherry's T-Flac men. I really don't have a favorite, but I do have two favorite books- Kiss and Tell and Hush. I hope she never runs out of men to write about. Michelle

  7. There is no one quiet like Max Aries! After the Edge brothers he was the first T-Flac man that I found.

  8. I have never read any of her books, at least I don't think I have. Looks like I have a new author to check out.

  9. Hi Steph!

    Great interview, thanks!! I love the Edge brothers. I think atm Duncan is my favorite. :)

  10. Winner is comment #7, Dr. Linda! Linda, let me know your email and I will send you the Kindle e-book of THE MERCENARY.

    Thanks everyone!! <3