Friday, October 17, 2014

Book Boyfriend Week Day Three - Gunner Mathews & Christian Grey

Hello! Today for Book Boyfriend Week I am featuring the reader voted favorites for Favorite Cowboy - Gunner Mathews and Favorite Businessman - Christian Grey.  Be sure to check it out. I've got some reader input on why these guys are so loved. Be sure to read all the way down to the bottom of the page for the Trivia & Giveway!

Mmmm... one of my favorite types of hero and Gunner Mathews is all cowboy! He's loyal to a fault, loves fiercely and will do anything for those he loves.  

Why Readers Love Gunner
Thank you Lesli, Maggie, Deana, Melissa, Sarah & Mandi for sharing why you love Gunner! 

He is a gentleman (not many of those around anymore).
Just his words can make you swoon.
He would do anything for his grandparents.
He would do anything for his friends.
He's the most sweet and caring man.
You know you can always depend on him to be there.
He's incredibly sexy!
He always knows just what to say to make you melt.:)
He would do anything to make Ellie happy and take care of her.
Gunner is the ultimate cowboy in every woman's eyes.
Gunner looks fine in a pair of tight jeans
Gunner is the best horse wrangler
Gunner is the best sexy husband and daddy of the "Wanted" series
He's a gentleman.
He's sexy as sin.
He's so romantic.
His favorite movie is Cars!
He's not scared to tell how he feels.
He's a football player.
He is a cowboy.
He's a great daddy.
He's an amazing husband.
He is a wonderful husband and father.
He is a hard worker.
He has an amazing sense of humor.
He is loyal to his family and friends.
He's romantic.
I love his love for his grandparents.
He's a great friend.
He drives a truck.
He's sexy.
He's funny.
He's wrapped around Ellie's finger and he loves it.

Haven't met Gunner yet? Here's where you can find him.

Favorite Gunner Quotes

”Dude, she’s my girl. Anyone handles my girl wrong or treats her in a disrespectful way, I beat their ass. You got that dude?”

“Well, because I want to be the person who gives you all of your firsts. I want to experience them with you so I can see that beautiful smile of yours light up every time you do something new. I want to make all of your dreams come true.”
"The moment Gunner's hand came up to my face I thought I was going to faint. His touch was so much better than any dream or fantasy could ever be. But his kiss......Oh. My. God. His kiss was my undoing. I'd never felt so much emotion in just a single kiss."

Christian Grey. The man who has been responsible for getting people who haven't read in years back to it, or introduced people to a whole new genre and love of reading. It's no wonder he's so loved and was voted the Favorite Businessman.

Why Readers Love Christian

Thank you Mandi, Misha & Vickie for sharing why you love Gunner!

He's broken.
Sex in a suit.
He was willing to change his life for Ana.
He was quite handy with a tie. ;)
He knew he had issues and was wise enough to go to counseling.
He only had eyes for Ana.
He was charming and successful.
He gave to those less fortunate.
He was willing to give Ana anything her heart desired.
He is a take charge kind of guy.
He's sexy.
Extremely Protective.
Very Loving.

Here's where you can find Christian if you haven't yet met him.

Favorite Christian Quotes
“Laters, baby.” 
“We aim to please, Miss Steele.”   
“I'd like to bite that lip.”
“I’ve never wanted more, until I met you.”   

Each day this week there will be trivia to earn entries into the Book Boyfriend Giveaway so be sure to come back each day for more entries. There will be a daily prize drawn from the comments for each day and then 4 winners will be drawn from all the entries for more prizes.

*Winners for the giveaways will be announced Wednesday night (10/22).*
Wednesdays's Prize

$5.00 Amazon Gift Card

Day 3 Trivia - Gunner & Christian
Leave a comment with your answers to the following trivia questions. You'll earn one entry just for commenting and then an additional entry for each right answer. (Make sure you leave your name and email so I am able to contact you if you are a winner!)


Q: Who are Gunner's closest guy friends?
Q: What are Gunner's grandparents' names?
Q: What kind of ring did Gunner give Ellie when he proposed?


Q: At what age did "Mrs. Robinson" seduce Christian?
Q: What was the name of Christian's helicopter?
Q: What does Ana use to draw a road map on Christian's body of where he could not stand to be touched?
Q: What is the name of Christian's therapist?


  1. 1. Jeff
    2. Emma and Garrett
    3.vintage style Blue oval sapphire
    2. Charlie tango
    3.lip stick
    4. Dr flynn

  2. Christian
    Charlie Tango
    Dr Flynn

    Vickie Schultz

  3. Q: At what age did "Mrs. Robinson" seduce Christian? 15
    Q: What was the name of Christian's helicopter? Charlie Tango
    Q: What does Ana use to draw a road map on Christian's body of where he could not stand to be touched? Red lipstick
    Q: What is the name of Christian's therapist? Dr. John Flynn